Prelude à la Gershwin

Performed by Deborah Grimmett
Premiered on April 14th, 2015 at Britton Recital Hall - University of Michigan

Colour of Freedom (Choral – Persian Soloist)

Commissioned/Performed by the Vancouver Peace Choir
Conductor: Timothy Corlis Soloist: Amir Haghighi

Piano Concerto (Orchestral)

Commissioned by the Prince George Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Leslie Dala
Soloist: Iman Habibi

Lily and Monarch (From Silent Awakening)

Commissioned/Performed by Simone Osborne with Andrea Grant at the piano
Live performance from the BC Scene Festival in Ottawa

Black Riders (Choral)

Performed by: DaCapo Chamber Choir
Conductor: Leonard Enns

Aqueous Ascent (Spatial)

Prelude for Piano (Solo)

Black and White – Solo Piano