Third Angle New Music performs Zyra at Technicolor – Closing Night

Third Angle New Music will present a synesthetic burst of joy and beauty with Debussy’s famous flute, viola and harp chamber ensemble piece. The ensemble features flutist Sarah Tiedemann, violist Kim Mai Nguyen, and harpist Sophie Baird-Daniel performing works of Takemitsu, Saariaho, Angélica Négron, GLFCAM alum Iman Habibi, and local composer Yuan-Chen Li.

YUAN-CHEN LI | The Source (2001)
KAIJA SAARIAHO | Noa Noa (1992)
ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN | Technicolor (2008)
TŌRU TAKEMITSU | And Then I Knew ‘Twas the Wind (1992)
IMAN HABIBI | Zyra (2013)
ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN | Drawings for Meyoko (2009)

Sophie Baird-Daniel, harpist
Kim Mai Nguyen, violist
Sarah Tiedemann, flute

Melissa and Raman Viola and Cello

Livestream Event: Open Space Music Features Relics for Viola and Cello

This event was originally scheduled for June 6th and 7th, but has been postponed due to recent events. Click here to read the official statement from Open Space Music.

Melissa Reardon (viola) and Raman Ramakrishnan (cello) will be performing Relics for viola and cello at Open Space Music. Open Space Music is a wonderful new online concert series initiated by violinist Hyeyung Yoon and cellist Gregory Beaver.

There will be two performances on July 11th and 12th at 7pm, and they will be available for viewing worldwide (link to be posted here soon). Iman will also be present at both performances to speak about his piece, Relics, and answer questions.