Radiant Light

For any combination of instruments, acoustic or electronic, and/or voices
A minimum of 6 instruments and/or voices and a conductor are recommended.

Programme Notes
Radiant Light is inspired by a short poem I encountered at De Young Museum in San Francisco, and the painting that accompanied it. Named Untitled, the poem was placed under Childe Hassam’s painting, Easter Morning (Portrait at a New York Window). It was written by a local seventh-grader named Elizabeth Woods, whose words left a deep impression on me. The poem focuses primarily on the light, the radiant light, as it breaks into the dark New York City apartment, and gives this painting its wonderful array of colours. The painting and the accompanying poem by someone of the next generation felt symbolic to me. Knowing that we are leaving behind a dark wasteland of a world for the future generation, I felt so uplifted by the idea that there may still be a small window, through which, we can at least let in some hope of light for future generations.

Perusal Score

Performed by Westben Composer-Performer Residency Ensemble – Conducted by Iman Habibi