Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra’s Composer-in-Residence

I am extremely grateful to the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra‘s (VPO) board for their unanimous vote to appoint me as their inaugural composer-in-residence. I am particularly proud to have had a role in shaping this new and exciting position, which will not only help me and my future successors in further cultivating our skills as orchestral composers, but will also be hugely beneficial to the orchestra, as it introduces fresh sounds to its audiences.

As VPO’s inaugural composer-in-residence, I will be commissioned to write a new piece for the orchestra’s upcoming 2014-2015 season (to be performed on Feb. 21st, 2015). Furthermore, I will also be actively consulting with the orchestra’s music-programming committee and introducing them to contemporary works that may be of interest to them as they program their future seasons.

Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra