Ey Sabā – Video Release

Sabā is the bringer of spring, the Northeastern wind, which can carry with itself secrets of lovers, and happy news from the land of the beloved. Rejuvenating and refreshing life along its path, Sabā makes an appearance in so many of Hafez’s sonnets, a cornerstone of Persian literature.

Written at the request of vocalist Julia Dawson for her and violinist Guillaume Faraut, this piece was composed during a time of isolation following COVID-19, canceling nearly all music-related events and live concerts. It may be performed by a soprano or mezzo.


ای صبا نکهتی از خاک ره یار بیار
ببر اندوه دل و مژده دلدار بیار

“The post-boy wind that comes from the land of my Friend, Bring an amulet for the soul, the musk-scented screed of my Friend — “
Hafez – translation by Peter Avery


Composed by: Iman Habibi
Voice: Julia Dawson
Violin: Guillaume Faraut
Mixing and Editing: Alexander Brusencev

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