New Piece Commissioned by Play on Philly

We have all been through our fair share of loss, disappointments, and heartbreaks in 2020. So I would like to start 2021 by sharing with you one of the most heart-warming and rewarding projects I worked on last year.

Play on Philly (POP) is such an incredible organization. It was a refreshing and fun challenge to go from writing for their next door neighbours, The Philadelphia Orchestra, who can play anything one puts in front of them on first read, to writing for POP’s students, some of whom are just starting their musical journey and have yet to cover 8th notes or accidentals in their studies. For me, nothing replaces witnessing that look of joy on these kids’ faces as they make a new musical discovery, and rest assured, the future is bright in their capable hands. Many thanks and congratulations to the wonderful teaching and administrative staff at Play on Philly for their hard work on this project. Here they are premiering the suite I wrote for them at their Virtual Winter Showcase:

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