Third Angle New Music performs Zyra at Technicolor – Closing Night

Third Angle New Music will present a synesthetic burst of joy and beauty with Debussy’s famous flute, viola and harp chamber ensemble piece. The ensemble features flutist Sarah Tiedemann, violist Kim Mai Nguyen, and harpist Sophie Baird-Daniel performing works of Takemitsu, Saariaho, Angélica Négron, GLFCAM alum Iman Habibi, and local composer Yuan-Chen Li.

YUAN-CHEN LI | The Source (2001)
KAIJA SAARIAHO | Noa Noa (1992)
ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN | Technicolor (2008)
TŌRU TAKEMITSU | And Then I Knew ‘Twas the Wind (1992)
IMAN HABIBI | Zyra (2013)
ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN | Drawings for Meyoko (2009)

Sophie Baird-Daniel, harpist
Kim Mai Nguyen, violist
Sarah Tiedemann, flute