Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Michigan

I am very excited about starting my DMA (Doctorate of Musical Arts) degree in composition at the University of Michigan in the beautiful Ann Arbor, with a cognate in piano duo. Being at one of the finest performance and composition schools in the world means that I will get a chance to collaborate with many of the greatest up and coming stars of the music world, while receiving outstanding education in both fields of composition and piano duo. Needless to say that I am very grateful for this opportunity. This blue has already aMaized me.

Furthermore, Deborah and I are excited about the possibility of doing performances with our piano duo ensemble, Piano Pinnacle, in the Midwestern United States. As far as Google search can tell us, we are currently the only professional piano duo ensemble in Michigan, and we look forward to collaborating with various ensembles, choirs, and orchestras in this area.

I am still actively involved with the music scene in Vancouver, and regularly travel back and forth between the two locations. In fall 2014, I start my composer residency position with the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, and will be composing an orchestral work for them to be performed in February 2015. Deborah and I are also excited about four upcoming performances in Vancouver, BC, including two performances of Brahms’ monumental German Requiem.

Maize and Blue Michigan